Underwater Maternity // San Diego Maternity Photography

Last time we did Missy's maternity photos, it was her husband Bryan with the crazy idea ("let's get one with her in the middle of the ocean") but this time it was mine ("how do you feel about me photographing you underwater?") and both times I had a great time. I adore this family and love the images we make together. I'm anxiously awaiting little Finn's arrival and can't wait to photograph him outside of the belly. <3 Those sibling shots always pull on my heartstrings!

To watch video of us at this shoot, click here.

This session was a ton of fun. We started with a little auntie playtime to get Ollie comfortable.

Then we did some formal portraits inside. 

Then Bryan got verified on Twitter and we did some more playing (check out that side eye). :)

Then we splashed around in the pool for some documentary shots and squeezed in a some underwater formals. <3

I'm sure the full set will be posted to Missy's YouTube channel soon.  To follow Missy & Bryan's journey, his music, &/or for miscarriage/loss support, be sure to visit all of their their channels (Daily Bumps, Missy Lanning, & Bryan Lanning) on YouTube.

xo~ Chrystal


Summer // A Day In The Life Session

You know how important I feel Day in the Life Sessions are. It's not just the memories that move me though, but the experience too. It is so different than traditional portraits.

Every year, we get our traditional portraits done and it ALWAYS stresses me out. Outfits, messes...where are the tights I just bought? No time to do my hair. Arguing in the car. Husband making a wrong turn. Dropping the mascara wand. Texting our photographer to apologize for being late. Again. 

DITL sessions are the opposite of that. We had so much summer fun playing and laughing during this session. They even fed me pizza. :) I'm so happy to share these with you. I love this family.

Can't wait for the next one!

Our Day in the Life Session by Susan Yee

As you have probably noticed, I'm head over heels for "Day in the Life" sessions. I talk about them every day probably. :) I'm even doing three personal projects right now along the same lines. I'm obsessed. 

When I decided I must start the annual "Day in the Life" tradition for our family, I went through the same emotions I see other parents go through.

Maybe after the house gets painted.

But I need to get new couches.

I still have some baby weight to lose.

I really need skylights, the house is so dark. 

Everyone is going to know how terrible I am at decorating.

It's that damn Pinterest problem and exactly what we are trying to uncover over at Sham of the Perfect. Perfect "looking" doesn't equal perfect "feeling". So I gave myself a taste of my own medicine:

Stop it! The session is not an interior design feature. These are personal photographs for you to remember the RIGHT NOW. Want to know what IS perfect?

Kids that are always in costume.

Crawling, smiley babies.

Family dance parties.

Playing kitchen with the menu written in backwards letters.

Feeling the most loved that you will ever feel in your life.

The mom side of me told the photographer side of me that I'm correct. :) So - we did it! One of the most very talented artists, Susan Yee of En Pointe Photography spent 3 hours with us just hanging around the house. The kids dressed themselves and we ate hamburgers. It was amazing. I want to sit and look at them over and over and over.

Of course I have to share them, I'm in love! Susan couldn't have done a better job. I'm so thankful to have talented friends who "get me" and my vision. 

Happy photographer over here. Happy mama too.

I look forward to the kids viewing these in an album repeatedly as they grow up. I'm already excited for next year's session. I had a really hard time narrowing the set for the blog.

Hope you likey!