Checkmark. Game Night.

Tonight contained one of those checkmark moments.  It wasn't a wedding, a birthday, or a graduation...but one of those little life checkmarks.  Two of them actually. We played a board game for the first time as a family.  Candyland.  We chose to play in V's room so Miss I could crawl, play, and watch. We put the board on her bed, she sat next to it, and D and I sat on the floor.  She drew her cards and moved her little was so sweet.  I mentioned how fun it will be when they are both old enough to play.  She almost kicked our butts but of course I ended up winning.  :)  The entire time I just kept thinking, "I can't believe she's big enough for this...I can't believe we are already here."  And then it happened again.

She's brushed my hair a few times before but never in a full on "pretend I'm a hairdresser mode".  Wearing nothing but a diaper, she looked at me and asked what kind of hair I wanted.  "Mommy want Seeping Doodie hair?"  I agreed and she would brush and twist and under her breath say, "there we go".  <<--- my favorite part.  And then she'd keep going.  After she "made it so pretty", she'd start over.  "Mommy want Cinderella hair?"  And so on.  D sat across from us and watched, smiled.  I laughed because Miss I had found a scarf and was playing peek-a-boo with it....when she'd get a big chuckle going, she'd bounce up and down and get so excited that she'd face plant.  Adorable.  After V gave me all the hairstyles in her repetoire, she moved on to her daddy.  She offered to give him Seeping Doodie hair too but he requested a boy hairstyle and she immediately got started on He-Man hair.  After he got He-Man hair, she decided it needed to be purple (her favorite color), she she pretended to spray it -- sound effects included.

She was so exhausted and she's also fighting a cold.  She should have been in bed hours ago but I had to savor the moments.  Her voice, her confidence, her bare tummy, her sister's curious gaze, and her daddy's pride.  It kind of just all boils together and overflows in my heart.

Our first board game as a family.  Check. Our first beauty parlor session.  Check.

I am certainly loving it.

Pic is from this morning.