fall favorites (at 26 months)

The other night, the girls and I hopped into the car (way past their bedtime) to go pick Daddy up from the airport. V was thrilled to see him. Of course it took longer than expected so I pulled into the cell phone lot to wait. It wasn't more than 5 minutes before V started talking about Daddy again and demanding, "Drive Mama, drive!" In an effort to redirect, I asked her if she'd tell me about her favorites, luckily she humored me and the crisis was diverted. The conversation went like this: "What's your favorite...."

- Color: "Purple" - Movie: "Snow White and da seven da-worfs" - Song: "Hey, Hey" (Memories w/ David Guetta) - Friend: "Wyatt" - Sister: "Ivy Wayne!" - Food: "Juice" - Car: "Mama's Car" - Cereal: "Berry-Os" - Number: "Twenty-nine" (I have no idea...) - Fruit: "Oranges" - Vegetable: "Cookies!"

She loves brussel sprouts so apparently we need to work on classification. I love having conversations with her.

And because you can't blog without a picture...here's a snapshot from our visit to Summer's Past Farms.