Letters to our Daughters {February}

Note: I am part of a lovely women’s photography community (professionals & hobbyists) and this morning we are on part two of a monthly project called “Letters to our Daughters”.  Each month we dedicate a blog post to our daughters and link each others’ posts (otherwise known as a blog circle).  Thank you to all who have been following the project and welcome if you are new! {february 2013}

More Rumi to start this off...

I am bewildered by the magnificence of your beauty and wish to see you with a thousand eyes

- Rumi

Today is about my favorite parts of you right now.  <3

V - I could just watch you play all day long.  Everything is a story...a game.  Your imagination is on fire.  You love to play outside and create stories about what we are doing or where we are going.  You love to pretend with me, "I'll call you teacher, ok?" or "You're the queen, ok?" - you are so fun.   Pretend picnics, tea parties, dance performances, living room theatre, beauty shop, and your most favorite - making "soup" (and messes) from random ingredients in the pantry.  You get so excited.  I love hearing your stories - mostly for the sheer excitement in your delivery.  You are incredible.

I - My little explorer.  You love to run, jump (as little as you can), climb, laugh, and love.  Your unsolicited affection just makes me mush.  You could spend hours following your sister - mimicking her but then you switch it off, and lead.  You stand up for your little self.  I'm so proud.  Your giggles make the sun shine and the way you smile when you've accomplished something is one of the best things I've ever seen.  I love when you get into silly moods where you just run around and make funny noises.  You're hilarious.  Or when I mention an animal in conversation and you automatically make it's noise.  :)  Your vocabulary is building quickly but it's the softness of your voice that I love the most.

I love your unique yet fantastic spirits.  You really do light everything up.

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