one year.

Baby Girl.  My birthday bug.  I love you. The most joyous year of my life has come to a close yet our lives together are still just beginning.  I couldn’t feel more lucky.  Before we met you, we knew we would love you yet were blind to the depth of it.  The moment you were born we stepped out of our old lives like stepping off a cliff and fell into an entirely new, beautiful reality.  You were handed to me and I breathed, stared.  I held your little body in my arms, yet it felt as if you were holding my heart in your hands.  And you continue to.  You continue to yank on my soul with every crinkle of your nose, every sneaky snicker, and every cry.

I love the way you love your daddy.  The way you love the breeze.  I love to watch you learn, and your face when you make a new discovery.  The way you clap for yourself when you’ve accomplished something.  It’s so wonderful.  Cheese, oranges, growling, dancing, peek-a-boo, wind chimes, books, animals, Elmo, keys, water, bubbles, other kids, bath time, and nursing.  All are your favorite.  I don’t even mind your meltdowns when you have to get in the car seat, the highchair, or lay down for diaper changes.  I love the way you look in the mirror and giggle when your hair looks funny.  The way you wobble when you walk.  The way your little fingers separate when you reach out for me.  The curves of your forearms.

You are true love.  Living at its finest.  To the bare bottom of my very being, you are my life…our everything.  I would go to the end of this earth for you.

Thank you for making me a mother. Your mother. Nothing can compare.