Photographing Your Children // The Smitten Essentials (Spring 2015)

I am excited to announce another session of The Smitten Workshop: Essentials for Spring 2015 in San Diego, CA In case you hadn't heard of The Smitten Series, here is the text from the first blog announcement:

When people ask me how the baby is doing, I pause.  "What's it like having a boy?", they say.  I want to say something profound and poetic - but I can't think of anything past the fact that I'm totally smitten.

His smile. The chub on his thighs. The way he pulls his hands to his mouth when he giggles. The shape of his feet. Even the way his eyes are misaligned.

I love him.  I want him to be smaller, yet I'm excited for him to get bigger.  Don't get me started on how cute the girls are with him.  Smitten.

Photographs of my children could not be more important to me right now - so when I decided to teach a photography series for parents, I couldn't help but name it Smitten.  There's no other more compelling reason to photograph your kids.  You love them like crazy.  Capturing moments in high quality, that you can create art out of - is what I want for my students. Make art out of your everyday. I know many of you have already purchased a DSLR for this very purpose, yet it remains in "Auto" - and you don't quite know why the pictures are sometimes blurry or dark.  You use your iPhone because they come out better.

I'm excited to help you. :)

Class One of the THE SMITTEN WORKSHOP:  A BEGINNER'S DSLR JOURNEY is called "Photographing Your Children: The Essentials"

There will be three hours of instruction built around using your DSLR in manual mode, composing and exposing great images, and unlocking the magic of natural light.  Aside from the instruction time, you will also be part of our online group where we will support each other in our photography journey.

 To enroll, you must own a DSLR camera.

Space is limited and are booked on a first come, first served basis.  Please contact me at to reserve a seat.  Payment in full is required to reserve. In the future, we'll also be offering classes built around Engaging Children and Editing Your Images.