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Kyla's Alice in Wonderland Bridal Shower

Kyla and I go way back.  Back, back, back to her high school cheerleading career where I taught her how to do a back tuck and she broke my nose.  I do remember when she threw it at Varsity tryouts though and ended up getting one of the highest scores of the entire group.  So, it was worth it.  :)  Now she's getting married (next weekend!) and she had the most incredible bridal shower I've ever seen.  So much thought and love was put into this - I was floored when I saw it.  And also VERY excited.  I was blowing through memory cards like it was nobody's business.  It was gorgeous. I'm so excited for you sweetie!  You will be the most beautiful bride.  We are all so proud of you and excited for what's to come.  Good luck on your move, your new adventure, and your new life as a Barbie Wifey.  Love you!

(this is long)

One week to go!!  xoxo