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The Newborn Photography Workshop for the On-Location Photographer

When I started out in Newborn Photography, it was hard.  There was so much to learn.  To make matters worse, it seemed nobody wanted to help me.  It's as though photographers are too afraid of creating competitors so they keep their tips to themselves - locked up tight. But I don't think we should fear each other. Not all clients are the same -  for example, some will love my more organic style where others might want something more bright and wild.  And look how many babies are born each day!  There is enough work to go around and I believe helping each other can only grow our industry. So when Cole's Classroom approached me to partner with them to create a workshop, I was excited (scared, flattered, and also nervous)!  We had already collaborated on a successful article so I knew it would be fun to work together but mostly I was pumped because I love to help people.  I have never considered myself an expert (I still feel like I'm learning new things all the time) but as soon as we started diving into the material, I realized I do have quite a bit to share with budding photographers.

I've taken online workshops in the past and the glaring thing that always throws me is that they are usually done in a perfect, beautifully lit studio.  It is so ironic.  I would always think...if my newborn photography business is going so well that I had a great studio, why would I need a workshop anyway?  It's silly.  What I thought was missing from the market was a beginner's course that shows the true nitty gritty of building a newborn business.  We all had to start shooting on-location.  Like 99.9% of us.  So I wanted to show real on-location work.    I'm pumped that Cole was right there with me and we worked hard to bring exactly what we had envisioned from the start - a beginners workshop for an on-location newborn photographer.

If you are looking to learn more about how to break into this business, this should be perfect for you.  We poured our hearts into it and practically every little thing we have learned in the past 5 years is right here in this workshop.  I'm proud of what we created and proud of those who have shared successes from taking it.  It makes my heart happy.

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