men & Pinterest

Many bloggers have recently professed their love for our new favorite time suck organizer of all things pretty but I am looking to find the answer to one question:  Are there men on Pinterest?  Who are you?  Can I follow you?

Or is it just the ladies who are obsessed?  Hmm.

If you don’t yet know what Pinterest and this love affair is all about, check out my profile here.  Skip the  “I don’t have time for….I don’t care how awesome it is…no I will not…I don’t want's probably not that great...but....”   I did that too.

Here are some screen shots of the fun you're missing out on:

My board for Kid's Room & Organization Ideas

And Favorite Quotes (which someday could be framed in a collage)

Captain America thinks all my internet obsessions are crap but if any of the popular sites add value to my life, it’s this one.

I think.

Anyway.  Men on Pinterest?  Come out come out wherever you are.  I'm curious to see what you pin since us ladies seem to have similar boards.  A bit of a sociology project, if you will.