the office - inspiration

After 8 months of renovation on other parts of the house (I'll touch on that later), it's finally time to work on the office.  Actually, it's the office, the guest room, and the photography studio...all in a space not much bigger than 100 square feet.  But I digress. So far, we:

  • Tore out the old shag carpet.
  • Took down the wallpaper.
  • Ripped out the closet doors and closet tracks.
  • Scraped the popcorn.
  • Patched and painted the walls and ceiling.
  • Replaced flooring (espresso engineered hardwood).
  • Installed new baseboards.
And most importantly....FILLED THE ENTIRE ROOM UP WITH BOXES AND JUNK.  It was looking mighty purdy before we let a tornado run through the garage and carry mounds and mounds of random stuff into the empty room.  This is just me whining.  Moving on.  The point is - I need to plan what we're going to do now that it's time to do it to it.  Where do we start?  Yes of course...Inspiration photos!  Since I intend to maybe someday take some photos in this space, I want it to be light, bright, and airy (with exception of the dark floors of course).  Here are some photos from Pinterest that caught my eye.
also from me oh my!
Pretty, right?  I love.
The only problem is we are starting out with this gem:
Ohhhhh my gosh.  I have forgotten how gross it was.  So gross.  I mean, SO gross.  Well at least the hard part is done and I can see the light.  Hopefully a miracle will happen and I can actually make a good looking, functional, and inspirational office.  Ah, who am I kidding? We all know the's going to be flooded with Disney princess dolls and watercolor projects in no time.  I should just make it a playroom but I will fight a good fight because Mommy wants her space.

More on this soon.