V's Birth Story

I figured I should finally get this posted before #2 arrives.  :) Your Birth Story.  Abridged version.

We expected you on Sept 25th.  When I woke on Monday, Sept 20th, I felt like you might be coming so I decided to work from home just in case. On my lunch break I treated myself to a pedicure.  During my drive up the hill, I rolled down all the windows and turned up the music.  It was one of those days that reminds you why you love summertime, the kind where you'd expect to see a lemonade stand on the corner.  There wasn't a cloud in the sky.  During my pedicure, we talked about you, about how I thought for sure you would be a girl.  The pedicure was wonderful and made my swollen feet look a little less awful.  The ladies touched my belly before I left and gave me warm smiles and as I walked out, they said they thought you were a girl, too.

On my way back down the hill, I stopped for flowers.  When I got out of the car, I felt something.  I stood there in the parking lot of the flower shop, frozen.  The owner came out and asked me if I was ok.  I told her "I think my water just broke a bit", she replied, "I thought you might say that, this is your first, isn't it?"  I nodded, we both giggled.  While she worked her flower magic, she told me about her two children, about how nervous felt in the beginning, and about how it was the best decision of her life.  She handed me a beautiful bouquet of greens and whites with a punch of purple.  She walked me to the car and wished me good luck and with a deep breath, I said thank you, we both knew you were coming.

When I stepped out of the car and into the garage, it happened, my water broke.  I was thankful I was at home.  I called your daddy as soon as I could get to my phone and he didn't answer.  I called Grandma Janice next and she did.  I told her my water broke and she said "I knew it!", I heard her repeat the news to your Auntie Dierra and I quickly got off the phone to call Daddy again.  I called a few times and he still didn't answer.  I called Nova, our doula, she calmly asked me a few questions, I knew she could hear the excitement in my voice.  Her energy calmed me.  I called the front desk at Daddy's office and had him paged.  He quickly came to the phone and I said, "Babe, my water broke", he replied, "Oh my gosh, I'll be right there."

I took a nice long shower, put on some make up, and changed into comfortable clothes.   Around 6pm, we met Nova at the birth center for a check up.  The midwife told us you were doing fantastic, I was contracting, and I was dilated 2 cms.  Happily, we went home to get ready for your arrival.  For the next few hours, we cooked, we laughed, and we kissed.  We put the last minute items into the bag and we enjoyed our last evening together, alone.  Daddy timed my contractions and at about 10pm, Nova came over.  She massaged my feet and my back while we watched our wedding video.  At 230am, we met Jude (our midwife) at the birth center to see how we were doing.  My contractions were strong and I was sure we'd get to meet you soon.  The good news was that you were still doing great and the bad news was that I hadn't made any progress.  I was sad.  We went back home and tried to rest but the contractions kept me up all night.

At about 8am on Tuesday morning, we went back in. I still hadn't made any progress.  We only had 6 hours to get my labor going or I wouldn't be able to have you at the birth center.  We tried everything.  I drank castor oil, used the breast pump, and took a walk, but nothing seemed to work.  They checked me at 1pm and I had made no progress.  I cried and cried.  But my birth team kept reminding me that I did everything I could and they were right - that did make me feel good amongst all my negative thoughts.  I felt defeated but mostly frustrated that I was being forced to follow someone else's timeline.   I knew as soon as you were in my arms, I wouldn't care about anything else.  We were admitted to the hospital around 3pm.  I was starving, and so tired.  Mistake #1 was not stopping to get food on my way to the hospital.  At about 4 pm, they started the pitocin and administered antibiotics to make sure you wouldn't get any infections.  I got the epidural.  Sadly, I didn't believe in myself that I could handle 8+ hours of pitocin contractions on my own, especially because I was so hungry and so tired.  After things finally settled, I had the nurses turn out the lights and turn up the speakers.  I laid in the dark and listened to your heartbeat.  It was just me and you.  I smiled, closed my eyes, and tried to rest.

At 430am, it was time.  For 3 hours, I pushed and pushed.  A few times, I thought I was going to pass out but I kept trying.  I've never fought so hard in my life.  Even so, the doctor had to use the forceps to get you out.  Mistake #2 - not telling the doctor that I let the pain medication run out.  It hurt mommy but I knew I'd be ok.  Your head came out and everyone but I could see your face.  The doctor flipped you over and Daddy and Grandma told me you were a girl.  I pulled you close to me and kissed you immediately.  You were shaking and so was I.  Daddy touched you and whispered, "Hi Veda."  It was the first time we'd said your name.  Everyone was crying.  I held you in my left arm and Grandma held my other hand as the doctor finished working on me.  She looked into my eyes and told me she was proud of me.  I believed her.

You were such a strong little girl.  Your health was perfect and you were just as beautiful that day as you are now.  After they wrapped you up and weighed you, I got to hold you for a while longer until it was Daddy's turn.

He sat next to the window and held you in his arms.  The sun flooded in behind you and I watched as he fell in love with you.

I never felt more blessed.  I loved you the minute I laid eyes on you and love you more and more each day.