Our Day in the Life Session by Susan Yee

As you have probably noticed, I'm head over heels for "Day in the Life" sessions. I talk about them every day probably. :) I'm even doing three personal projects right now along the same lines. I'm obsessed. 

When I decided I must start the annual "Day in the Life" tradition for our family, I went through the same emotions I see other parents go through.

Maybe after the house gets painted.

But I need to get new couches.

I still have some baby weight to lose.

I really need skylights, the house is so dark. 

Everyone is going to know how terrible I am at decorating.

It's that damn Pinterest problem and exactly what we are trying to uncover over at Sham of the Perfect. Perfect "looking" doesn't equal perfect "feeling". So I gave myself a taste of my own medicine:

Stop it! The session is not an interior design feature. These are personal photographs for you to remember the RIGHT NOW. Want to know what IS perfect?

Kids that are always in costume.

Crawling, smiley babies.

Family dance parties.

Playing kitchen with the menu written in backwards letters.

Feeling the most loved that you will ever feel in your life.

The mom side of me told the photographer side of me that I'm correct. :) So - we did it! One of the most very talented artists, Susan Yee of En Pointe Photography spent 3 hours with us just hanging around the house. The kids dressed themselves and we ate hamburgers. It was amazing. I want to sit and look at them over and over and over.

Of course I have to share them, I'm in love! Susan couldn't have done a better job. I'm so thankful to have talented friends who "get me" and my vision. 

Happy photographer over here. Happy mama too.

I look forward to the kids viewing these in an album repeatedly as they grow up. I'm already excited for next year's session. I had a really hard time narrowing the set for the blog.

Hope you likey!

Sham of the Perfect // San Diego Family Photographer

I just wanted to remind everyone of the fun times we are having over at Sham of the Perfect! We just started accepting submissions for artist features and will be launching Facebook features soon as well. Please keep sharing your IG images with the #shamoftheperfect tag so we can see & share them. 

I just LOVE being a part of this movement - celebrating honest and heartfelt family moments. 


Below are my SOTP images for 2015 to date. 

Hugs. C.

A Blessingway // San Diego Maternity Photographer

I love Blessingways. LOVE them. 

For those who don't know what a Blessingway is - it's  similar to a baby shower except it's more about mama than it is about baby. Traditions include bringing a bead to create a necklace for the mama-to-be, also creating matching string bracelets for all of her friends to wear until the baby is born. The string is passed in a circle as each friend gives well wishes for the guest of honor. It's the sweetest thing. Also, guests take home a candle which is to be lit when mama goes into labor. 

I was honored to photograph this mama as she prepares for baby #4.